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Meet Eric Jones

Master's Level Therapist | Supervisor: Rafaella Smith-Fiallo, LCSW

Professional headshot of Eric standing in front of a brick wall and tree. They are a brown skinned Black non-binary person with an afro and wearing a tan sweater.
Eric Jones, B.S. (he/they)

Do you feel like you have been treading water for ages, barely able to keep your head above water? Or maybe you couldn’t tread any longer and have just been drowning? Maybe you’ve been searching for a life line, a pathway back to you. The you before all of the hurt, pain, or confusion. The version of yourself that had a strong sense of self and who was not afraid to live authentically and vibrantly.

But every time those bad experiences rise to the surface, you push them down. And the truth is that pushing it all down is just as tiring as you imagine addressing them head on would be. I know that you're tired of saying you’re okay when you are far from it.

You're curious about your gender and sexual identity.

You’re at home on scrolling through your “for you page” on TikTok, and only watching videos like, “you’re probably trans if you’ve ever experienced…” or “you know you’re gay if you think about…” or “I realized I was ace after…” You’ve gone so far as to take a few Buzzfeed quizzes, especially after watching “HeartStopper.” I get it. You aren’t just spending too much time on social media, you are searching for answers. And you’re also wondering what those answers might mean.

Or maybe you’re coming to these realizations later in life.

You feel like you are behind the curve, having missed out on so much. You struggle because your current life and the life you want to live more authentically aren’t really matching up. How can you change things up now when you are already supposed to know who you are? How can you bring this other version of you to life when you’ve been someone else for so long? You desperately want to know that as you invite people in, they’ll stay and want to get to know the person you are becoming.

And when it comes to relationships…

Maybe you and your best friend have hurt each other and are looking to heal. Or you and your partner are looking to explore opening your relationship but are worried of what others might. But what's most important is that you value your relationships and want support in creating and maintaining a culture of respect, curiosity, transparency, and problem solving. You are looking for support to make them work better for everyone.

Hey, I'm Eric!

Eric poses in from of Black Art at the museum. The paintings are red and the wall is black. Eric wears a vertical  striped shirt, shorts and sneakers.
Eric Jones, B.S., (he/they)

I see you and I’m here to support you with education and counseling that propels you towards what you want.

Sometimes you stop and realize some issues are too big for you to handle alone, and you are finally ready to work with someone who will prioritize your healing. I can help you navigate the complexities of life. I have spent the past 12 years honing my skills as a mentor and facilitator, creating and holding space for self-exploration, and supporting others in understanding of the world around them. I am now turning this skill set towards therapeutic relationships.

Much like the fact that I can vibe to Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire” and Earth, Wind, & Fire’s “September,” I can work with a variety of ages from middle school to older adults. I also offer a supportive and affirming space for queer, trans, and kinky clients working through:

  • Couples/relationships

  • Identity and sexual exploration

  • Trauma and pleasure

Therapy with me will be a process into understanding what you need out of your relationships and how we can work together to achieve your goals. It will be non judgmental and endlessly curious. My work is pleasure-centered, which focuses on helping you create and find pleasure in multiple areas of your life, including your relationships.

The work might not be easy, but reaching a new place of being will be worth it.

My hope is that you will come to a place where you feel like Beyonce, ‘comfortable in your skin, cozy with who you are’ and able to ‘feel light like a feather, and just float’ like Janelle Monet. So if you are ready to become your fuller self, reach out today, and let’s get to work!

Specialty areas

  • Complex trauma

  • Couple's and relationship concerns

  • LGBTQIA+ identity development

  • Group facilitation

Therapy modalities & approaches

  • Person-Centered Therapy

  • Sex Education & Therapy

  • Group Therapy/Interpersonal Process Group


  • Certification in Leadership Studies - FSU


  • Florida State University, BS in Political Science

  • Washington University in St. Louis, Social Work (in progress)

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My general hours are Monday (virtual) and Friday (in-person).

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