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Couple at Home

Welcome to Healing Exchange
Where Dialogue Leads to Healing & Discovery

Hey, I'm Rafaella (she/ella)

And I'm the founder and director of Healing Exchange LLC. I opened Healing Exchange as a space to:

  • Explore how to build a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

  • Reconnect with your partner(s) and enhance intimacy.

  • Talk about your sexuality and ways to experience more pleasure and confidence.

  • Unpack negative lived experiences and traumas and reclaim your life.

  • Prioritize time to focus completely on yourself, shamelessly.

Rafaella Smith-Fiallo, founder and director at Healing Exchange

Discovery is right on the other side of what you've been taught to hide.

Let us help you lay your burdens down and walk away lighter.

Gay Family

Working together
will build...

We'll explore your experiences and thoughts through a lens that seeks to understand your many possible truths instead of using judgement and shame.

We value differences, encourage self-discovery of your authentic self, and prioritize maintaining an openness that allows you to love all parts of yourself.

We are dedicated to thinking outside of the box and incorporating different therapeutic and educational approaches to your treatment. Your situation is unique, and your treatment should be, too.

And help center...

We are aware, critical, and reflective of the many ways that power and privilege present in daily life and are committed to fostering anti-oppressive practices and spaces.

Your life is intended to be more than experiencing pain, survival, and trauma. We'll use a pleasure-centered approach to identify & prioritize your core needs.

We take the approach of a collaborative team member while offering education, tools, and space to explore your options that help you discover solutions.

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