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Clinical Training


Clinical Consultation

Individual Consultations

We all have expertise and our expertise centers sex, relationship, and trauma therapy in addition to working with newer therapists to build business and therapy skills. So this is for you if you are looking for space to discuss a clinical case or have general questions about therapy and private practice. All meetings are 1 hour and include follow-up with additional resources as needed. 

LCSW Supervision

for Missouri clinicians only

Supervision is an important part of skill and professional development within the clinical field. My approach aims to support licensees in understanding their own values, decolonizing mental health practice, and developing a practice of their own that is rooted in social, economic, political, and sexual justice and freedom. In that aim, supervision with Rafaella will encourage you to re-envision your role as a clinical social worker by challenging "how it's always been done" and replacing it with an ethic positioned in autonomy, equity, and liberation. 



For Clinicians

Sexuality is part of everyone’s life and it will likely show up during therapy in one form or another. However, many clinicians have little to no education or training in the full range of human sexual behavior. As people are becoming more open to talking about sexuality and come to therapy for help with sexual questions and problems, the need for sexually informed and sex-positive therapists is rapidly growing. We provide continuing education and training courses to mental health professionals working with gender, relationship, and sexuality expansive clients; as well as with survivors of generational and systemic trauma.

Sex-Positive Therapy

Group Consultation

Though you may not be a trained sex therapist, you will likely have to support your clients through experiences, questions, and concerns about gender, sexuality, and more. Our Sex Positive Therapy consultation group is ideal for therapists who want support as they grow as a sex-positive and informed therapist. CEs approved through the MO State Committee for Social Workers.




Rafaella is truly a dynamic clinician and I appreciate her expertise in trauma, gender, and sexuality. I have consulted with her regarding couples that I have treated in the past. She respected my time by being on time to our consultation session. She was patient, an active listener, and answered all of my questions. She also made sure I left our first consultation session with follow up questions and goals to carry out in my next session with the couple.


-Cherese Alcorn, MSW, LCSW - St. Louis, MO


Rafaella has been a vital resource in my therapy practice. From working with youth and how to communicate with them about their exploration of their bodies and sexual curiosity, to working with adults and couples on healing from past sexual traumas, and mending strained relationships by teaching and encouraging mindful intimacy and communication with their partners. I'm grateful for her vast knowledge and expertise in this evolving field.


-Adrianne Martin, MSW, LCSW, A Nu Day Therapy

Avatar 109

Such a remarkably professional, evidenced and inspirational talk integrating neuroscience with trauma/non trauma experiences and how using various tools/methods of approaching issues really work. WOW, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I had also never come across Polyvagal Impacts and therapies addressing that and the other neuroconnectivity therapies to rewire.

-Student, Erotic Self-Expansion for Trauma Survivors

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