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Reclaim intimacy, embrace self-love, and find true belonging in your body

Are you struggling to make intimate and sexual connection an integrated part of your life?


Are you struggling with transforming shame into healthy boundaries around your relationships?


Are you ready to feel more attuned in your relationships and sensuality?


Are you ready for more secure relationships, deep intimate connection, and stronger sexual self-esteem?

If you said yes to the above, you're probably ready to...

  • Reclaim intimacy, embrace self-love, and find true belonging in your body.

  • Deepen your sexual and intimate connections.

  • Find more playfulness for yourself and within your relationships.

  • Create an embodied space for all of your emotions.

  • Learn to listen to the wisdom your body holds.

  • Feel free in your sexual exploration.

Why intimacy coaching for adoptees?

On the path for finding our purpose, adoptees usually come to the realization that we have a unique experience with relationships, connection, and intimacy. Many of us live with emotional pain from primal wounds and separations we didn’t ask for. A pain that sometimes feels unbearable. The pain of lost connection, breakage of family bonds and relationships, and language or culture. All of which is stored in our bodies and silently affects our communication and our ability to connect with our sensuality.


When important values and needs get shattered or torn apart, we can feel lost, confused and stuck in behavioral patterns that are leading us away from what we need and long for.


The path to owning our sensuality and feeling more attuned to intimate connection comes with being home in our bodies. It's about finding the places inside that we might have denied, feared, or hidden. It’s about giving a voice to the experiences and emotions that connect us with our body. And when we are able to hold an embodied space for our emotional needs, we are more open to receive.


Understanding, accepting and holding our painful memories, learning through embodiment, and transforming ourselves is the key to letting go, as well as to moving on. When we run from our pain while trying to reconnect with the sacred part of our sexuality, we are at risk of losing our path of passion. This can push us from the essence of emotional and sensual selves.

With the knowledge of how to breathe, move, and transform heavy emotions into clarity, we develop an independence within ourselves. One where vulnerability leads to intimate connections and deeper relationships.

The power to acknowledge our feelings and emotional needs creates a profound confidence necessary for healing and creating the life energy that can flow freely, once we let go of what does not serve us.


Based in trauma-informed somatic practices as well as sexological coaching, this program will guide you to unlock your authentic sexual expression.


With compassion, and with the wisdoms of our bodies, we can release stored traumas and find a true belonging within ourselves.  


It's time to reclaim intimacy.

Re-Root Yourself: 8-Weeks of Embodiment

The isolation from your true self is a common experience that many adoptees feel. With compassion and the wisdoms of your body, you can find a true belonging within yourself.  In eight weeks, we will transform shame into embodied authenticity, playfulness, and sensuality.

8 Week Coaching Program | $960

Virtual | 1 - 1.5 hours each


  • 8 live 1 hour coaching sessions

  • 9 pre-recorded educational videos 15-25 minutes each

  • 8 individualized activities and assignments in between sessions

  • 4 customized handouts for further processing the content

Payment plan options are available.


What to expect during this program?

  1. Individualized coaching based on your own plan sexual wellbeing goals. 

  2. Summarized reports and home work from every session.

  3. Worksheets after every coaching week, adjusted after your needs and situation.

  4. Pre-recorded sessions on how you can level-up your sex life.

Benefits by the end of this program:

What past clients have shared...

“Anna is a thoughtful and intentional guide as you navigate connection and body movement. As an adoptee herself, she understands the struggle many adoptees have with attachment and how it can affect your relationship with your own body and in connecting with others. Anna has opened my eyes and comfortably pushed me to open up in new ways in my own body movement through dance and in my connection with my partner. I am thankful there is a thoughtful and insightful resource like Anna in the world for adoptees and their partners."

Issac E., U.S.


Why work with me?

I believe that the unspoken language we carry inside our bodies stores a lot of knowledge and that that is necessary to understand for us to be able to truly own our stories and identities. I came to Sweden as an adoptee from Brazil, 6 weeks old and grew up in a family as the only child. I have a BAs in social work and learned a lot about the different socioeconomic challenges when I traveled to Brazil,10 years ago now. Back in Sweden I studied Dance and Movement-therapy (DMT) as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and have been enjoying putting together the different parts of human sexuality. When I took my MA in sexology, I chose to write my thesis on how international adoptees ( in Sweden) understand their sexual and reproductive health, which opened up for so many important conversations and dialogues.

As a part of my journey to become a sexologist I also finished the first course of Somatic Sexology at the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education. My project for 2024, besides realizing this amazing coaching program is the writing of a book, with the story of my own inner travels.

It's been an amazing journey, both the studying as well as the journey to find and try to rebuild relationships with my biological family, but I many times felt a lack of empathic mirroring and the somatic understanding of myself as a whole, much of it rooted in my own intimate and sexual connections. 


My belief is that the expression of authentic movement as well as connection with our own sensual language, is a healing space for all of us. And when we connect and find ways to tell the story of ourselves, we can all unleash the sexual being and the energy of life that is stored within.

It is with a strong feeling of belief, self-knowledge and respect for your personal journey, that I created this group and I´m looking forward to supporting you in your transformation to more of the authentic you.

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