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Relationship, Sexuality & Trauma Therapy

A place to learn how to feel pleasure in your relationships, confident in your identities, and release from your pain.

Providing Therapy in Missouri & Nevada and Coaching Worldwide

Were you taught to never air out your dirty laundry and feel exhausted from carrying it all?

While being told, "What happens in this house, stays in this house" might have been said with good intentions, it probably caused you a lot of pain, confusion, and loneliness. So where do you go to discuss all the topics you've been taught to avoid?

You're here because you're...


  • Done carrying the weight of a lifetime of secrets.

  • Ready to trade in years of silence and unburden yourself from shame.

  • Unlearning generational patterns and learning healthier ones.

  • Retiring the mask you've worn to protect yourself.

  • Ready to create a life that's all your own.

The most taboo topics center the most intimate areas of our lives -- our relationships, our sexuality, and our traumas.

But the truth is...

Couple in a hammock

You deserve to feel good in your relationships.

You don't have to follow the path others have led in your family or even society. You get to choose how your relationships look and to feel good in them.

Learn more about relationship therapy

Confidence in your sexual expression is possible.

Being flooded with messages and images about who you are supposed to be as a sexual person can be confusing but it's never too late to figure it all out.

Learn more about sex & gender therapy

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Model in Red Outfit

Trauma is what happened, not who you are.

Your whole identity can shift because of trauma but reclaiming yourself and meeting new versions of yourself will be part of the healing journey.

Learn more about trauma therapy

Discovery is right on the other side of what you've been taught to hide.

Let us help you lay your burdens down and walk away lighter.


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