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Couple Holding Hands


Consciously create a connected, intimate and blissful relationship.

Do you want to start working with your relationship as a sacred entity, with its own needs for health and nourishment?

Do you want fully and mutually supportive partnerships absent of past suffering?


Are you ready to align your relationship with a higher, joint purpose, to consciously begin a journey toward an intentional life and family?

This is for you if...


  • You feel like what you’ve been doing for your relationship isn’t working, and it seems like “this might be in trouble”.

  • You’ve seen many similar things play out and poison previous relationships, and you want to make it stop.

  • You know that tough conversations need to happen, but all the attempts tend to lead to arguments, misunderstandings, and feeling raw.

  • You just can’t seem to consistently connect to each other and share intimacy from the heart.

  • You want to know where your issues really come from and be thoughtful and conscious in building your relationship.

  • You want to build a long-lasting relationship, which is safe and supportive through the ups and downs.

  • You want to start building a family but know that there is still some emotional baggage you need to resolve together so that you don’t pass it on.

  • You want to see if this relationship has a higher purpose in your lives – what new ways of being and healing is your relationship meant to radiate outward?

Why conscious coupling?

Your relationship just feels right. In your partner's presence you feel companionship and connection, couple with a level of commitment that all together shows you that you want to nurture and nourish this. Maybe this is on the heels of past relationship wounds that haven’t healed completely – so you’re afraid of repeating those painful experiences. Despite your greatest efforts, love and self-awareness, you’ve gotten stuck in a holding pattern – circling the same issues, having the same fights, and you see the unity chipping away. Something needs to give, but you don’t know where the block is, and your mind can’t make much sense of it. You work so hard to understand each other but someone always leaves feeling fundamentally unheard.


Whatever might be happening, even if you aren’t having any “issues” as such, you feel like the chord you strike with your partner could be much more melodious – that you can go even further into deep states of bliss, intimacy, and strength as a unit!


Spiritual, emotional and mental alignment in a relationship can heal an immense amount of our own issues if done with consciousness and openness to genuine change. Aligning with the guidance of our heart-mind, where the deeper vulnerabilities of all the people in the relationship are honoured, creates an attuned relationship. We give each other a safe container where we move towards understanding ourselves and helping each other grow. In such a space, we are real: we allow ourselves to be fresh, in tune, magical. We all have some debris that can prevent this authenticity.


But when we are real with ourselves – real about where our behaviour comes from – our authenticity radiates and makes others want to come into tune with it. Deep down nobody wants to hide, nobody really wants to be out of sync with themselves. This synchronisation makes space for immense connection. But it’s not always easy to know the right way to open up to it, to know what’s actually happening versus what’s “in your head”, and above all, how to stay centered and grounded through this opening of our hearts. Because when we’re around the people we love so dearly, we can be impulsive, insensitive, self-protective. The situation gets away from us before we know what’s even happening, despite our best efforts!


Our inner children, our inner critics, our inner protectors – all live their own lives, have their own thoughts, which tend to hide in the shadows. Our shadows, our darkness, is only that which we can’t see because there’s no light of awareness there. But we feel them as they play out in our connections. Wouldn’t it be great to see? To be aware, so that we can act from the light?

We’ve designed this program to help you deeply tune into your core self, and the combined soul that your relationship forms (and trust me – a relationship is a living, breathing being). Let’s iron out the points of suffering, where the friction really comes from, where the gaps in understanding are. You’ll learn to relate to each other and support each other to be the best and most authentic versions of yourselves. This also means learning to hold an idea of the other at their highest, and helping them align with that when they get off track. Every relationship is sacred, by which I mean it is a little piece of the universe’s magic that is helping to create so much goodness in the world.


It can be hard to see how to treat it like that, and that’s what I’m here to help you do!

What past clients have shared...

Working with Partha has been an absolute delight - for his way in approaching coaching couples is unique. He understands the situation in the room, picks words out of your mouth and places them in the picture perfectly. He is very skilled in identifying gaps and getting us to speak from our core, without judgment. That safe space is difficult to achieve elsewhere. There is an intuitive knack, as he possesses an understanding of how to finish a session. Earlier, I have had issues with therapists and coaches who used to often leave me triggered and not have an appropriate concluding note for the session. Such is not the case with Partha, and my experience in the couples coaching has been full of epiphanies.  Would recommend his services to anyone seeking to live a life full of joy and alignment to work with Partha.

T.U. - Previous client

What we offer

6 Sessions

Virtual | 1.5 hours each


  • 1 complimentary 30-45 minute partnered discovery session

  • 3 partnered sessions

  • 2 individual sessions

  • 15 minutes of text coaching in between sessions

  • Tailored meditation, communication protocols, check-in templates, and conflict map


4 Sessions

Virtual | 1.5 hours each


  • 1 complimentary 30-45 minute partnered discovery session

  • 2 partnered sessions

  • 1 individual session

  • 15 minutes of text coaching in between sessions

  • Tailored meditation and communication protocols


  • Check-in templates: $50

  • Conflict map: $75


1 Session

Virtual | 2 hours


  • complimentary 20 minute discovery session

  • 1 partnered session


  • Tailored meditation + communication protocols: $180

  • Check-in templates + conflict map: $180


What to expect during this program?

  1. A deep understanding of why each of you behave, react and respond to things the way you do, and the wounds they come from.

  2. A personalised guided meditation designed to bring you into a place of mutual compassion and understanding when things get rough.

  3. An in-depth discovery of each partner’s DOs and DON’Ts, why it is important to honour them, and how you can help each other move into equanimity about them.

  4. A tailored protocol for managing tension, co-regulation, and creating a safer container when needed.

  5. A template for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly “check-in’s” with each other where grievances can be aired, and problems can be tackled as a whole unit (it’s us vs. the problem!).

  6. A map of things to watch out for that can destabilise you and how to regain stability when they do come up.

  7. A guide on how to communicate with each other with more openness and compassion.


Why work with me?

My coaching program is designed to guide you through understanding the root causes of these habitual patterns, regaining the freedom to respond mindfully, nurturing self-compassion, and rebuilding healthy intimacy with others – consciously, on the terms that feel authentic to you.

My background as a coach is at the meeting point of many systems of healing. My education in clinical psychology and cognitive therapy is brought together in Life Alignment coaching, with which I combine guided meditation and healing through sound.

What sets me apart is my holistic and comprehensive approach. While traditional coaching methods may focus solely on the physical, mental and emotional, I know that true liberation from your cycles involves all aspects of your being–mind, body, and spirit.

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