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Services Centering Relationships,
Sex & Trauma

Therapy for Black queer men

Individual & Relationship Offerings

With specialized training in sexuality, couples’ therapy, and trauma-related treatment, I help you explore yourself, your relationship with others, and work towards living a life of satisfaction and pleasure that you want.

Group Therapy

This is a 12-week group for trauma survivors who feel that trauma is/has impacted their sex lives and want to understand their sexuality, learn skills to be more sexually empowered, and be in a peer space of support and radical growth.

Sex positive sex education for adults
sex positive books at healing exchange

Sex Education for Survivors

Trauma in all forms can impact your relationship to your body, sensuality, sexual desires, and to others. This 10-week course will provide insight around changes you may be experiencing, tools for exploring your sexuality, and practical skills for [re]connecting to your sexual self. 

Sex-Positive Therapy Consultation

Though we are not all trained sex therapists, we will all have to address sex and sexuality with our clients. This group is ideal for therapists who want support as they grow as a sex-positive and informed therapist.

sex therapy consultation in Missouri
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