Black, queer, sex therapist

Where dialogue leads to healing & discovery

I opened Healing Exchange

as a space to reveal your expertise,

strengths, and ability to heal.

A space to prioritize time to focus completely on yourself.

A space for lovers to explore connection and enhance intimacy.

A space to unpack negative sexual experiences and other traumas.

A space to talk about your sexuality and ways to experience more pleasure.

Where would you like to start?

A guide to sexual self-care 

Your sexual self-care is connected to your overall wellbeing. Investing in sexual wellness is different for everyone, what does yours look like?

Black couple sex therapist

Why focus on sexual self-care?


Other areas of self-care have more of a buzz right now and typically, I see components of sexual self-are spread out through physical, mental, and social self-care. Sexual self-care is the practice of preserving or improving your sexual well-being and needs more attention!

Other articles about sexual self-care center ways to enhance your relationship to solo sex and take care of your sexual needs, literally. But what I've found to be missing in those articles, I've found in my client's concerns & questions.



I'm a sex therapist, that's why! But really, you deserve more comprehensive information and access to education so that you can confidently make the decisions that align with your values and pleasure. This guide will support you with that!

This guide is for you if...

  • You are looking for another way to center body pleasure.

  • You've felt disconnected from your yes, no, or both.

  • You want more concrete ideas for practicing sexual self-care.

  • You want to improve your sexual self-view.

  • ​You've never heard of sexual self-care and want to learn more!

Black, queer, sex therapist in Missouri

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is


Smith-Fiallo, LCSW

pronouns: she/hers/ella

I specialize in relationships, sex, and trauma therapy. Through an anti-oppressive lens and multi-theoretical approach that centers pleasure politics and liberation psychology, I aim to activate and support purposeful change from the individual to the collective.