sex education for trauma survivors

Sex Ed: Pleasure After Trauma

A 10-week virtual class tailored for relearning sexual pleasure.

"I want to offer that the same practices we use for getting naked in the realm of sex and intimacy -- the unveiling of skin -- can teach us to bring our unapologetic selves into any space where we need to get naked."

From Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good by adrienne maree brown

ways that trauma impacts sexuality

Over the years, I've seen many ways that trauma interrupts our sexual journey. And if you are here, I know that you can probably relate and maybe even add to the content on the chart.

So many people struggle with sex after trauma because they are addressing other areas of healing, usually because they just didn't know that trauma affected their sexual being.

They may have noticed changes in desire, felt less present, bodily responses that bothered them but didn’t know that trauma itself was behind it. Why? Because we are often told that experiencing sexual trauma will lead us to be either sex averse or an out-of-control sexual nymph.


But there is no binary in being a trauma survivor. 

​So, what if I told you that can learn how to change how that chart looks? What would you want to replace the pie slices with if the title read, "How healing trauma impacted my sexuality"?​

Don’t worry if you don't have an immediate response yet. This 10-week class will help you explore the answers and understand how to apply them to your life.

You are a spectrum and your healing process should be too.

healing after sexual trauma

This space is especially for you if you're ready to. . .

class for sexual trauma survivors

You deserve pleasure, in all the ways you can imagine.

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Finally, the sex education you need to have the sex you want.

I've always said that trauma is a thief. And for those of us who have survived it, we may be all too familiar with the things it steals -- our breath, our movement, our presence, our senses. It's no surprise then that trauma survivors tell me that their sexual experiences are not what they want and need them to be. I created this class series to hold space for you to put down all you've been carrying. Shame, judgment, information gaps, pain, tension, all of it. And, together, we will learn tools, build skills, and explore resources to get back what trauma took from you.

What you should know:

  • Schedule: Every 2 weeks, beginning Mar 8, 2022; 430p-630p CST

  • Office hours: 1 hour, schedule provided upon booking the course

  • Cost: $750

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