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Bringing Your Body to Center

Updated: May 17

content warning: references racial, adoption, and sexual trauma

Anna Linde, sexuality educator and coach smiling with a bouquet of flowers covering her chest

I came to Sweden as a six-week-old baby, adopted from Brazil. Dealing with life, as well as navigating intimacy and distance, is an ongoing process when you come from a background and history of traumatic separations. Those traumatic layers became layers of unspoken words in my body that I had to not only navigate, but eventually separate.

Since my teenage years, I had a will and curiosity to dig deeper into the true meaning of roots, family, and culture, where my own sexuality played an important role. Dancing was one way I learned about roots, but it wasn´t until I was older that I realized how the healing parts in movement could open different levels within myself.

Coming from an upbringing in a white-dominant society, I’m used to being “othered”, but what has been truly shattering is that Swedish society doesn’t use the terms “race”. Being othered and exposed to racism in a country where race isn’t acknowledged, is a trauma itself. These experiences caused a lot of stress that for a long time wasn't possible for me to speak about. My position in this majority-white society made me hungry for more knowledge and the situation with my biological family forced me to work on my healing journey. I learned as much as I could about trauma and sexual violence, and at the moment, I’m writing my thesis on how international adoptees (in Sweden) deal with and understand sexual health.

I began diving deeply into my own body, discovering how colorism, sexism and racism affected my movement profile, my body-language and my voice, and I've elaborated and navigated myself in the space in between, my thoughts and actions.

The search for my roots and my own path has indeed been trial and error in many ways. Going back to Brazil was important but it also brought me painful experiences. I thought that the land and the people would help me find answers to the unspeakable questions that were stored in my body. But in Brazil, I had to face the racism internalized inside my biological family as they exhaled the terms and slurs they used for people like me.

Over and over again I learned that the answers have always been inside of me.

The stories we carry inside need to be seen and heard. And for that, we need to have an expression for the weight that we are carrying around. We need an expression, to make what our bodies store, visible, so that we can get new experiences of being seen and heard. That expression can come in the form of dance and movement.

Besides my work in sensuality and sexuality, I love challenging norms and attitudes that lie within what is called “normal”. I am a world schooling mom of two who prefers an electronic dance festival to the ordinary day in life, bringing learning-by-doing to the next level.

Writing has always been a way for me to spend time with myself. Through the years I had pen pals, and I’m trying to keep this tradition of keeping in contact with people that I appreciate. I tried to send my biological grandfather some letters, but because he couldn't read or write, it wasn’t possible for us to establish a connection without everyone else getting involved. I write, with a special set of pens, on special paper, as a ritual of getting a deeper connection with myself. As well, I read poetry, out loud if I can, to share the depth in the words.

More about Anna (she/her), the Somatic Sex Coach

Anna is a certified sexuality coach and sexological bodyworker in training. She helps to integrate different levels of consciousness through the practice of movement to extend and connect what your body is trying to express when your words are not enough. She believes that the use of art can be a power tool for releasing the body from painful society norms and destructive life rules. As a Somatic Sex Coach, Anna brings your body to the center during your healing and discovery process.

She embraces the possibility of letting your subconscious speak up and is here to support you in shaping new meaning and creating cohesive stories within you.

Specialty areas

  • Mixed relationships/Relational Privilege

  • Healing after trauma and abuse

  • Neuro-divergent sexuality and sexual connection

  • Parenting neuro-divergent children towards sexual health

  • Somatic Sexology/Sexological Bodywork

Professional affiliations

  • Certified Sex Coach (W.A.S.C)

  • Certified Couple & Relationship-Coach (Lifecoach Academy, Sweden)

  • Dance & Movement-therapist (Karlstad Universitet)

  • Legalized counsellor in CBT (Socialstyrelsen, Sweden)

Educational achievements

  • Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education: Somatic Sex Educator/Sexological Bodyworker (In training)

  • Malmö Universitet: Master in Sexology (In progress)

  • Karlstad Universitet: Dance & Movement-therapy

  • The Swedish Institute for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy: Counseling

  • Gävle universitet: Bachelor degree in social work

How can you work with Anna?

  • Book lectures or workshops with the aim of bringing your Sex Education into the somatic field.

  • Join Anna’s groups, on how to find your way back to sensuality and sex life after a burnout, or how to develop a whole-body-sex-experience based in somatic work.

  • Start here, by booking your free discovery call to learn how she can support you in reaching your goals.

  • View service rates here.

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