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Meet Parthasarathy Vaidya

Discover how to deeply connect to yourself and break out of the patterns and behaviors that you’re stuck in.

Parthasarathy Vaidya (he/him)

You know there's more to life than this. Something beyond, this uneasiness and frustration, these repetitive loops of suffering. You're held back, but you don't know the root causes of these loops. You're on a spectrum between just about surviving, and screaming to yourself that you can't live like this anymore. You end up seeing the same things happen across time, situations and relationships.

For those struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors or sexual addiction, you might feel it’s controlling your every move and having a negative impact on your relationships and life all together. Sexual compulsive behaviors can disconnect us from our bodies, driving us into a frozen state where we live our lives on autopilot. Our bodies remain in a state of feeling threatened, uncomfortable, or imbalanced, unable to restore themselves.

And what you want so badly is to feel more in control. You want more balance where your sexual experiences are motivated by connection and desire. Not as a coping skill for anxiety, fear, or even boredom.

Or maybe you feel like you and your partner aren't evolving in the way you anticipated, the way that you desire. You feel disconnected now more than ever -- like you're speaking another language. Maybe you have different backgrounds and lived experiences and once upon a time that created an flair of attraction and curiosity. And lately, those differences seem like the source of much frustration. Or maybe you’ve seen things with previous partners fade out in repetitive ways, or in ways that seem senseless from your point of view.

But whether you’ve been together for years or are in a newer partnership, it’s never too early or late to create the relationship you truly desire.

Wherever you are, here’s a seed of hope:

I’ve learned from nature that what’s out of sync can find its way back in sync again and again. Whenever things become imbalanced, we can learn tools and skills that bring everything back into a state of harmony and growth. When we understand how and where the traumas occurred and identify what’s preventing them from resolving, we also begin to recognize the ways in which our bodies and beings can heal.

In our work together, you will learn to regain a connection to your inner guidance and take steps to establish the balance again, in a state of calm, self-caring and self-loving activity. A place where your relationship and sexuality centers pleasure and confidence, not pressure and shame

And when you align with your higher self within, you learn that the opposite of your out of control and compulsive sexual behaviors isn’t really control. It’s peace.

That’s what I’m here to help you create.


Coaching specialty areas

  • Gender identity and sexuality

  • Intimacy and emotional expression

  • Connecting to your inner child and re-parenting parts of you which are suffering and burdened

  • Working through relationship difficulties with family, partners, and significant others

  • Compulsive sexual behavior and sexual addiction recovery

Coaching approaches

  • Life Alignment coaching

  • Holistic health

  • Ego states, inner child, re-parenting

  • Meditation and mindfulness


  • Life Alignment Certified Practitioner (Life Alignment UK)


  • University of Mysore, India, Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

  • Mariwala Health Initiative, India, Queer-Affirmative Counseling Practice

  • YourDOST Academy, India, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • University of Mysore, India, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, English Literature, and Mass Communication

Book a discovery session to get an overall map of what you want to work on.


Specialized Packages

Sexual Recovery Coaching, $180 - $960

Even the most pleasurable aspects of being human, like exploring our bodies, desires and fantasies, can become distressing when we feel out-of-control while engaging in them. Excessive porn use and compulsive masturbation can deeply disrupt our daily lives, intimate relationships, and sense of control over ourselves and our actions. They can also rewire us in ways that disconnect us from our own being and those we share intimacy with. This coaching program is designed to guide you through understanding the root causes of these habitual patterns, regaining the freedom to respond mindfully, nurturing self-compassion, and rebuilding healthy intimacy with others – consciously, on the terms that feel authentic to you.

Conscious Coupling, $200 - $1000

Often, we enter new relationships with people who feel just right and provide us the companionship, connection, level of commitment we find to be in alignment with us. But this entry can be on the heels of past relationship experiences that leave us feeling heavy, fearful of repeating the same experiences, and treating our new companions with the lens given by those we have moved on from. Without becoming conscious of where our reactions and responses are coming from, we may have unknowingly nurture negative and sabotaging core beliefs, and may sometimes (especially during conflict) relate to who we’re with now from previous hurts becoming reactivated, which can be profoundly confusing and damaging to both. This program is a process of self-discovery focused on compassionate co-creation of a relationship that is about working with and bringing who you are in the present moment, setting yourself free from the imprints of a difficult past, and moving forward as a conscious and present couple towards your highest good.



Where are sessions held?

I currently serve clients across the globe and provide coaching services virtually.

What are your rates?

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Do you accept insurance?

What is the cancellation policy?


More from Parthasarathy: Becoming A New Song

Hey, I'm Parthasarathy, or Partha for short!

The essence of this Sanskrit name is "Doctor Charioteer of the Confused Hero", which is also who I am. I guide individuals through confusion into clarity and hopefully joy, with complete faith that unimaginable transformation is possible. Healing and transformation are about literally changing the melodies that create our symphony so that we become a song that is harmonious with our stream of life.

Traumatic experiences, the toll of challenging mental and emotional states, and the misalignment with our environment as a consequence of neurodivergence, keep us playing notes that are stuck in the past, making it challenging to resonate with the future versions of ourselves we hope to create and stabilize. And if the song we are playing is not in harmony with our inner journey, our experience seems “off”.

We can work together to reprogram the ways in which your past has begun to define your present – and this is key, because the momentum of the present creates your future.

These are the tools I can use to help you:

  • Mindfulness guidance – The ability to observe your thoughts without judgment. This is crucial for growth because it's how you catch yourself before you rerun the same script leading to the same suffering.

  • Heart-brain coherence – The heart is the center of feeling. And it is in feeling that we truly know what's happening. When the brain and heart are synchronized, we can anchor ourselves to the present and move forward – instead of the patterns we think our way into, which hold us back and cause us to stay stagnant.

  • Life Alignment – Life alignment is a vibrational healing and intuitive coaching modality. It is designed to help you tap into your knowledge and higher wisdom about yourself. I use my ability to help you tune into it on a deeper energetic level. This, in conjunction with the process of a Life Alignment, balances to help you discover what's holding you back. So even if you aren't conscious of it, I can help you access your inner guidance on moving forward to your highest potential.

  • Sound and music – My personal journey is a testament to the healing capacity of the human voice. A part of my practice in the art of life is two ancient forms of music from India – Khyal and Dhrupad. These art forms have been curated toward facilitating meditative states of higher consciousness, healing, and personal transformation.

A coaching session with me involves us tapping into this intuitive wisdom together that empowers you with that discovery to make conscious choices that align with your deepest sense of being. The idea is to link you to your own heart – the seat of your intuition. By learning to trust your instincts and inner guidance, you develop confidence, experience the cyclical nature of life, and let go of your idea of yourself. Rigidity gives way to mindfulness - you can choose to breathe through situations you would have reacted to and instead choose which version of you responds. As you grow and choose to embody these changes, the evolution at the higher Self-level begins to show in your presence and behavior. As your experience of life becomes more firmly grounded in your body, you have an expanded awareness of what it is sensing, and hear your instincts more keenly.

I also offer coaching and education for people who wish to work with their partners or families to help them better understand each other and heal together. I aim to establish a space of genuine connection, intuitive understanding, and alignment between individuals at the level of who they truly are rather than their ideas of each other. This involves honest communication, safe self-expression, and mutually beneficial goals for the relationship.

I hope you find what I offer compelling, and I look forward to working with you!

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