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Where dialogue leads to healing & discovery

Healing Exchange offers a variety of services, such as individual and relationship therapy, one-time couching, and short-term relationship support. Our services have been created for people of all identities and in relationships of varying structures, from friendships to any configuration of non-monogamous arrangements.

Black queer couple in therapy

Relationship Therapy

If you, your family, friends, or partner(s) have been facing a problem and are looking for support to grow and heal, this is for you.

individual and couple sex coaching

2-Hour Deep Dive

If you or you and your partner(s) are seeking education around a specific concern, then this may be for you! We will work to better understand the concern together. This includes a comprehensive relationship assessment with feedback for partnerships, education around mental health and sexuality as needed, somatic practices, recommendations for next steps & more.

sex therapy for 55+

Sex Therapy

You are ready to explore your sexuality, address a concern related to sex and sexuality, sexual violence, or just focus on your sexual wellness.

prepare enrich therapist in missouri

Prepare + Enrich Counseling

P/E is a well-researched program and assessment tool used to assist couples prepare for marriage and enrich the relationship of couples who are married or in long-term relationships. Over the course of 4 to 9 sessions, I will help you increase your awareness of relationship strengths and growth areas and provide skills and tools for relationship improvement.


healing sexual trauma for all genders

Trauma Therapy

You may feel that stress and trauma has had power over you and are ready to reconnect to your body and reclaim your narrative.

healing relationship coaching

Attach, Attune, Align

If you want a different relationship, you have to start doing things differently. This 3-month program was designed to face attachment wounds, rewrite relationship rules, and get on the same page. Through research-based education and interventions, I will support you in building and being in the satisfying partnership you want and deserve.