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Thank you for selecting Healing Exchange LLC (“Healing Exchange”, “us”, “we”) to provide educational and coaching services (the “Services”) to you (the "Client"). This document will confirm the scope of the Services and will describe the arrangement and terms we discussed, pursuant to which we will provide such Services.

The Service is subject to both parties’ agreement as set forth in this document. We have not been engaged by you for any services other than as set forth herein.

The Services can include:

  • General education: to include the provision of psychoeducation, sexual education, and interpersonal relationship education. This will include verbal and/or visual information provided during the session and the distribution of additional resources and tools.

  • Somatic and self/partnered bodywork: to include exercises to help clients become more aware of their unique relationship to the body, sensations, and erotic energy. This may include breath and movement coaching, identifying body sensations of arousal, communicating boundaries, pleasure mapping, and more.

  • Direct facilitation/coaching: to include the provision of skill-based tools, activities, and personalized approaches to guide parties in meeting their identified goals. You can expect me, as a facilitator, to be honest and direct, ask straightforward questions and offer challenging techniques to help you keep moving forward.

  • A collaborative process that is present and future-oriented, action-oriented, solution-focused, and encourages change. It involves accountability and commitment to growth through increased competence, commitment, and confidence.


The Services you are receiving are not to be confused for therapy or counseling and does not address or diagnose mental health concerns as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. The Services are not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment. Psychotherapy is a healthcare service, and its primary focus is to identify, diagnose, and treat mental health concerns. Education and Coaching is a wellness service, and its primary focus is to acquire knowledge and skills around personal, sexual, and relational development.

To the extent Healing Exchange and Client mutually determine to agree on the provision of additional services in the future, Healing Exchange and Client may do so pursuant to this document, provided that Healing Exchange and Client shall separately agree on the scope and fees for such additional future services.

Fees for the Services are collected at booking. If your appointment was manually scheduled by staff, an invoice will be emailed to you prior to each appointment. The invoice must be paid by the beginning of each appointment. If payment has not been processed, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be asked to reschedule.


If payment is not received from you within 7 days from the date of service(s), your account will be considered delinquent. If the card on file declines and/or we are not able to collect payment, your balance will be transferred to an outside collection agency.


We do not and cannot bill insurance for the Services nor do we accept insurance as payment. PayPal and Stripe are used for collecting payment via the Healing Exchange website.

Please note all payments are final. If you have to cancel your appointment, please contact us at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Should you not show up for your appointment, we will contact you to reschedule for another time.

While we are not bound by the laws of HIPPA under the provision of the Services, confidentiality is an important element of the process. Your identity and ongoing work will be kept strictly confidential.

The Services may be conducted using the technology programs Zoom and Google Meet. We will provide you with a meeting link where your appointment will be held.

If you need to contact us between sessions, please send an email or leave a message: and 314-699-4885. We are often available during normal business hours, Monday - Friday. If an emergency arises, please call 911 or any local emergency room.

Healing Exchange social media accounts are public, and all are welcome to follow. However, please refrain from using social media messaging for business purposes, i.e., scheduling/canceling appointments, discussing conversations from sessions, etc. Any requests to engage, follow, or otherwise connect to a personal/private account owned by staff will be declined/ignored.

We cannot ensure the confidentiality of any form of communication through email. If you prefer to communicate via email for issues regarding scheduling or cancellations, we will do so. While we may try to return messages in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee immediate response and request that you do not use these methods of communication to discuss session content and/or request assistance for emergencies.

If you would like a copy of this agreement for your records, please download it here.

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