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Healing forBibliophiles

A monthly virtual reading and writing club

I often get questions about books and other resources to recommend from people who identify as self-starters, life-long learners, and avid readers. In my own healing journey, reading and writing poems and stories were a fundamental resource for both escaping, re-imagining, pleasure, reflecting, and growth.


I later learned about bibliotherapy and my cathartic relationship with reading and writing began to make much more sense. Bibliotherapy is a creative arts therapy modality that involves storytelling or the reading of specific texts with the purpose of healing and is a major self-help healing strategy for many people. So, I decided to offer a space for healing through literature centering relationships, sex, healing trauma, and mental wellness. Sign up below if this sounds like it's for you!

What it looks like...

We'll read one (1) book each month and meet via Zoom on the last Sunday at 2pm CST for discussion. I will add some structure by providing questions and themes for reflection and conversation. I'll also have conversations around the topic(s) on IG Live where a guest expert may chime in. Anyone is able to tune into the live, but only those who officially sign up for the book club will be able to join on Zoom and receive additional resources such as worksheets and writing prompts.

DISCLAIMER: Although this space is hosted by a licensed mental health clinician, please be clear that this is a book club meeting and not group therapy. This is not intended to be a substitute for individual or group therapy but a space for holding literature, community, and discussion.

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