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Healing forBibliophiles

A monthly virtual reading and writing club

I often get questions about books and other resources to recommend from people who identify as self-starters, life-long learners, and avid readers. In my own healing journey, reading and writing poems and stories were a fundamental resource for both escaping, re-imagining, pleasure, reflecting, and growth.


I later learned about bibliotherapy and my cathartic relationship with reading and writing began to make much more sense. Bibliotherapy is a creative arts therapy modality that involves storytelling or the reading of specific texts with the purpose of healing and is a major self-help healing strategy for many people. So, I decided to offer a space for healing through literature centering relationships, sex, healing trauma, and mental wellness.

This year's theme is Healing and each quarter will center a specific topic:

  • January thru March - Healing Trauma

  • April - June - Healing Relationships

  • July - September - Healing Sex

  • October - December - Healing Whole